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Widespan roof structures

Widespan roof structures

14.700,84 RSD

autor: Michael Barnes, Michael Dickson
broj stranica: 350
godina izdanja: 2000
vrsta uveza: tvrdi
dimenzije knjige (širina i visina):
jezik: engleski

This authoritative and timely book presents current world thinking on the design and construction of large covered spaces. Drawing on contributions from internationally renowned projects, and directly from the designers, architects and engineers responsible for those schemes, readers are offered insights into many of the most innovative construction design projects of recent years.Technologies explored include the advances within stressed membrane roofing, atria and glass structures, with a focus on international developments. The book also addresses the problems of construction associated with these ambitious and vast projects and the attendant environmental issues and concerns that are raised with such high-profile schemes. Contributions are included from such luminaries as Frei Otto, Jorg Schlaich, Horst Berger, Kazuo Ishii, Ian Liddell, Mike Davies, Massimo Majoweicki, Max Fordham, John Thornton and many others, each detailing the design issues that were central to many of the most prestigious widespan projects. These include the Millennium Dome, Eden Project, Millennium Stadium Cardiff, the Sydney Olympic Stadium and the roof of the Great Court at the British Museum, all illustrated in colour.

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