Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner - 14.517,08 RSD : Stručna knjižara, Stručna literatra na jednome mestu!
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Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

14.517,08 RSD

autor:Meinhard von Gerkan
broj stranica:
godina izdanja:2005
vrsta uveza:
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

In its more than forty years of existence, the Hamburgbased firm of von Gerkan, Marg, and Partner has completed well over two hundred structures and faced an impressive variety of building challenges. Von Gerkan, Marg, and Partner features extensive planning material on a remarkable variety of projects, including airports, railway stations, sports stadiums, psychiatric institutions, nursing homes, apartments, casinos, hotels, and a church.

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