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Tunnel Lining Design Guide

Tunnel Lining Design Guide

13.763,66 RSD

broj stranica: 192
godina izdanja: 2004
vrsta uveza: meki
dimenzije knjige (širina i visina):
jezik: engleski

This guide is an essential reference to the recommended standards and rules applicable to formulation for all manner of bored tunnels, and shafts in any type of ground condition. It is also a useful resource for those involved in the procurement, operation, or maintenance of tunnels, or those seeking to acquire data for use in production. The need for a single reference book of recommendations and guidance for tunnel lining design has long been recognised. In partnership with the Institution of Civil Engineers Research and Development fund, The British Tunnelling Society (BTS) considered that the valuable knowledge and experience of its members on tunnel lining design should be made available to the wider international underground construction industry. Covering the design of structural linings for all manner of driven tunnels and shafts in relation to a variety of ground conditions, Tunnel lining: design guide is written for particular use in conjunction with the relevant United Kingdom standards, codes of practice and existing customs and practice in operation. Such existing standards and codes are usually not specific to tunnelling and have no formal standing in tunnel lining design. This title provides sought-after information and guidance on such topics as: The design processes’ various stages Final usage requirements , Choosing types of lining Lining systems and construction methods , Stability problems in tunnels , Poor appreciation of mechanical limitations of support systems . Tunnel lining: design guide also provide essential information for those requiring to procure, operate, or maintain tunnels, or those seeking to acquire data for use in their design, with details of those factors which influence correct design such as end use, construction practice, and environmental influences.

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