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The Professional Digital Photography/SLR Handbook

The Professional Digital Photography/SLR Handbook

4.594,01 RSD

autor:Michael Freeman
broj stranica:256
godina izdanja:
vrsta uveza:meki
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This book is aimed at professional, semiprofessional, and \"prosumer\" hobbyist photographers who are making the switch from film to digital photography. It tackles head on all the issues with which traditional photographers struggle when getting to grips for the first time with digital cameras and digital image processing.

Drawing on both his own experience and his participation in online forums, bestselling digital photography author Michael Freeman answers the questions that photographers most often ask and explains the things they most often find confusing or difficult to understand: camera sensors, portable storage media, image file formats and resolution, white balancing, ISO settings, output quality for both screen and print, and much, much more. Comprehensive in its scope and unrivaled in its depth, The Professional Digital Photography Handbook is the definitive reference source for every serious digital photographer.

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