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Temporary Urban Spaces

Temporary Urban Spaces

4.961,53 RSD

autor:Florian Haydn, Robert Temel
broj stranica:272
godina izdanja:2006
vrsta uveza:meki
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

For some time now, a new approach has been emerging to questions of town planning and the use of public and private space. The focus is no longer on the master plan, the strategy, and the making of long-term arrangements. Instead, the ephemeral, trial and error, and the unplanned are gaining legitimacy. Temporary uses are both indicators of this development and beneficiaries of a new way of seeing.
The volume Temporary Urban Spaces: Concepts for the Use of City Spaces brings together eleven articles and essays by renowned individual authors who approach the subject from a theoretical perspective. In its main section, the book provides extensive documentation of projects involving temporary use from throughout Europe and the United States.

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