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Stadium Engineering

Stadium Engineering

10.658,11 RSD

autor:Peter Culley
broj stranica:200
godina izdanja:2005
vrsta uveza:tvrdi
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

Winner of 2005 The Crystal Award for Excellence at The Communicator Awards in the Print Media Competition.The Communicator Awards are an international awards competition, founded by communication professionals, honouring excellence in the communication field.
Today's stadiums transcend the barriers of geography, culture and language. An excellent stadium will be universally acclaimed, attracting the best performances in sport and entertainment by teams of performers.
However there is a more important team of stadium performers - the team that makes the hosting of the stadiums' events possible. There are many people involved in creating and running a stadium including commissioning bodies, developers, architects, engineers, cost consultants, specialist sub-contractors, stadium operators, sponsors and - most importantly - the spectators.
Amongst these the engineer, as the term implies, is the engine driving the process forward. But no engineer is 'an island' when it comes to stadium design. As Stadium Engineering highlights, it requires a multidisciplinary approach involving transport planners and traffic engineers, environmentalists, civil and geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, materials technologists, mechanical and electrical engineers, and specialists in fields such as dynamics, acoustics, security, communications and building services operation and maintenance.
Through case studies on current and planned stadiums, and specific focus on specialist engineering fields, Stadium Engineering demonstrates how all these skills are brought together to the benefit of stadium development.
This book will be essential reading to all those whose disciplines impact on the continuing success of stadium engineering.Stadium Engineering is divided into three parts. Part One discusses the appraisal of the Site, Sustainable development, the use of Steel in Stadium Engineering and moves onto Facade, Detailing and Blast Engineering. The second part of the book looks at the effects that fire has in sports stadiums; it discusses the dynamic performance of stands and the importance of acoustics. Part Three looks at the other important parts of stadiums - the terraces, crowd safety and control, stadium signage, and sightlines and seating.

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