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Spa & Health Club Design

Spa & Health Club Design

3.583,33 RSD

autor: Encarna Castillo
broj stranica: 136
godina izdanja:
vrsta uveza: tvrdi
dimenzije knjige (širina i visina):
jezik: engleski

In a time and place where the modern lifestyle often takes its toll on both body and mind, it is no wonder that the concern for personal health has become increasingly palpable in all sectors of society today. Gyms, spas and wellness centers are no longer merely places to exercise but carefully created environments where aesthetics and design are extremely important. Health Club Design gathers an impressive collection of contemporary health club establishments that testify to this new trend. This book features a wide variety of installations that incorporate the latest equipment, treatments and therapies devoted to the improvement of health, designed by a host of international contemporary architects and designers.

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