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Solar-Assisted Air-Conditioning in Buildings

Solar-Assisted Air-Conditioning in Buildings

7.074,78 RSD

broj stranica:150
godina izdanja:2007
vrsta uveza:tvrdi
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

Second, fully revised edition of this invaluable work
A highly useful handbook for planners with vision
Still plugs a gap in the literature
This is the second edition of a book that could be invaluable to planners, especially if they want to prove their green credentials.
Ways of harnessing natural resources to help conserve energy become more attractive daily – and here is a book that could save you masses on your energy bill.
Air conditioning contributes significantly to the energy consumption of buildings in many countries.
A promising possibility for energy reduction is the use of solar thermal energy in solar-assisted air conditioning systems.
The main advantage of this technology is that cooling loads and solar gains occur at the same time, at least on a seasonal level.
However, until today only a few systems have been installed world-wide and design and operation experiences are fairly poor.
The goal of this handbook is to address this lack and to support the planner in the design of solar assisted air-conditioning systems, which use solar collectors as heat source.

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