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Search: The Graphics Web Guide

Search: The Graphics Web Guide

3.656,83 RSD

autor: Eva Jiricna
broj stranica: 172
godina izdanja: 2002
vrsta uveza: meki
dimenzije knjige (širina i visina):
jezik: engleski

"Like everyone else with access to the internet, designers now have a wealth of information at their fingertips – if only they knew where to find it. Design resources are proliferating on the World Wide Web, and as they mature, their value to designers, students and researchers alike can only improve. Search provides a timely guide to graphic design resources on the internet, focusing on interface design, typography, illustration, photography, animation, film and video. Websites are organized according to category and illustrated with vignettes created from screen grabs. With reviews of 480 sites, arranged alphabetically by name within individual categories, the book covers Discovery (schools/museums/historical context); Media (publishers, magazines, bookshops); Practice (cutting-edge studios); Projects (experimental projects/recreation, for example online web games, digital art); Groups & Events (associations and conferences); Services (suppliers, such as type foundries, photo libraries)."

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