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Revolution in Hungary

Revolution in Hungary

7.626,06 RSD

autor: George Konrad , Erich Lessing
broj stranica: 252
godina izdanja: 2006
vrsta uveza: tvrdi
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:
jezik: engleski

On 23 October 1956, what began as a mass rally in Budapest quickly evolved into the Hungarian Revolution which millions of Hungarians were supporting within days. It lasted until 4 November, when it was crushed by Hungarian Security Police and Soviet tanks and artillery. Thousands of Hungarian rebels and Soviets were killed and injured, and nearly a quarter of a million people fled the country as refugees.

Erich Lessing documented the short-lived uprising and its aftermath in a series of photographs, reproduced here in superb duotone. These world-famous images bring to life once more the hope and euphoria of the first days of the revolt, so soon to be followed by the pain and punishment of its brutal suppression.

Lessing’s introduction to the book records his memories of those fervid days in Budapest. Political journalist François Fejtö writes about the political and historical background; Hungarian novelist George Konrad tells of his personal experiences during the period; and historian Nicolas Bauquet discusses the aftermath of the revolt and its repercussions in the Western world.

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