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Penthouse Living

Penthouse Living

4.759,40 RSD

autor:Jonathan Bell
broj stranica:216
godina izdanja:2004
vrsta uveza:tvrdi
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

The penthouse is the ultimate urban location. Historically, the home of film stars, media moguls and industrialists, they are undoubtedly suffused with glamour. The very word conjures up a certain type of lifestyle and taps into our sense of aspirational living. One of the second wave of Interior Angles titles from John Wiley and Sons, this book brings together a history of the penthouse, and features the very best in design around the world. It is split into five distinct sections, each of which centres around a theme: classic, modern, high-rise, one-offs and future concepts, bringing a comprehensive and visual overview of the most attractive and inventive examples around the world. Showcases a range of projects from around the world, representing some of the most exclusive and aspirational domestic interiors in existence ,Includes lavish photography, with over 300 colour images ,Plans and drawings enhance the reader’s understanding of the spaces ,Accessible, engaging introductory texts and concise project descriptions highlight the key qualities and achievements of each design for the lay-reader ,It lists the full contact details of featured projects and designers for anyone who wishes to enhance their interests in this area

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