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7.074,78 RSD

autor:Jan Gehl, Lars Gemzøe broj stranica:264 godina izdanja:2008 vrsta uveza:tvrdi dimenzije knjige širina i visina: jezik:engleski The past 25 years have seen a marked increase in the interest for public spaces and public life. The book presents an overview of the developments in the use and planning of public spaces, and offers a detailled description of architecturally interesting and inspiering public space stategies and projects from all parts of the World. In this context 9 cities with interesting public space strategies is presented: Barcelona, Lyon, Strasbourg, Freiburg and Copenhagen in Europe, Portland in North America, Curitiba and Cordoba in South America and Melbourne in Australia. Further 39 selected public space projects from all parts of the World are presented and discussed. City strategies as well as public space projects are extensively illustrated by drawings, plans and photographs.

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