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magnum degrees

magnum degrees

6.615,38 RSD

autor: Michael Ignatieff
broj stranica: 536
godina izdanja:
vrsta uveza: meki
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:
jezik: engleski

In taking the temperature of the world`s political and social climate, the photographers of magnum offer us a vision of the world at the beginning of the new millennium. On the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary group, Magnum photo agency again addresses the world in an album of stunning contemporary photography from around the globe.

The period following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 has seen the triumph of American capitalism at one extreme and the resurgence of ancient blood feuds at the other. In this major work, Magnum locate individual points of human experience north, south, east and west, and engage with the thrust of human history in different degrees, some photographers tackling dramatic events head-on in the traditional manner of the concerned photographer, others choosing subjects and aesthetic viewpoints which are entirely personal. The book is built around photo-essays and texts selected by photographers ranging from Henri Cartier-Bresson to Magnum`s newest recruits. Many images have not previously been published.

magnum is introduced by historian, broadcaster and cultural commentator Michael Ignatieff.

- Winner of a Distinctive Merit Award, New York Art Directors Club, 2000
- Winner of Kodak Fotobuchpreis, 2000
- Winner of an award from I.D. magazine`s Annual Design Review, 2000
- Exhibited at the 19th Internation Biennale of Graphic Design, BNRO 2000

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