Life in Oak-framed Buildings - 7.166,66 RSD : Stručna knjižara, Stručna literatra na jednome mestu!
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Life in Oak-framed Buildings

Life in Oak-framed Buildings

7.166,66 RSD

autor:Ivo Pauwels,Jan Verlinde
broj stranica:192
godina izdanja:2008
vrsta uveza:tvrdi
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

Beautiful, eye-catching photography by Jan Verlinde links the past with the present in this stunning book. The noblest of building traditions are bonded with a modern way of living, working and relaxing. Lifestyle author Ivo Pauwels, in his familiar, fascinating style, takes the reader back to the past. He brings the memories of the centuries-old building techniques and the forgotten knowledge of the materials used in roof trusses, tiles and thatched roofs.

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