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7.901,70 RSD

autor:Hiroshi Naito
broj stranica:136
godina izdanja:2006
vrsta uveza:meki
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

Hiroshi Naito is currently one of Japan’s most active and innovative architects. His special passion is complex wooden structures and the use of ornate and artistic roofing tiles. Although he has not thus far designed outside Japan, his magnificent museums and cultural event buildings — but also his private homes in the Tokyo area — have created an international sensation. This publication documents selected projects from the years 1985–2005, including the new Shimane Arts Center, an extensive museum and theater complex in Masuda (Shimane Prefecture), which is scheduled to open in 2005; the municipal library in Tokamachi; the botanical museum in Makino; and the fishing museum in Toba. All of these projects are presented with authoritative technical drawings, which convey their details and material characteristics.

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