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Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth

6.615,38 RSD

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jezik: engleski

Under the lens of a microscope or through the shaft of a telescope the beauty of life and the universe is dramatically revealed. Hidden from sight because of the restricted ability of the human eye, minute creatures and distant solar systems are made visible for scientific investigation. Atoms, grains of pollen, snow flakes, butterfly wings, cloud formations, searing comets and star showers display their hidden wonders.

Heaven and Earth charts an awe-inspiring voyage of discovery through this infinite world of science – from the smallest particles on the earth’s surface to gigantic galaxies thousands of light years away. Featuring the varied life forms, materials and phenomena of the cosmos, the book navigates a fascinating course through an unfamiliar world and celebrates the beauty and boundless mysteries of planet earth and the universe.

The images are presented in sequence according to scale and distance within chapters, and are roughly grouped by the instruments required for scientific study – microscope, x-ray, satellite, telescope or other viewing instrument. These beautiful but unfamiliar images are accompanied by extended captions which explain what we are looking at, how big or small it is, how near or far away, and how it was photographed.

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