FARMHOUSES & HOMESTEADS - 11.209,39 RSD : Stručna knjižara, Stručna literatra na jednome mestu!
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11.209,39 RSD

broj stranica:228
godina izdanja:2005
vrsta uveza:
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Historical farmhouses, quadrangular farms and castle farms form an important part of the heritage of the Low Countries.

More and more interior designers, architects, restorers and private individuals with a passion for old buildings are realising that this heritage must not be lost.

Now that there is a constant decrease in the number of active farms, more ancient farmhouses are finding new owners. They are being restored to make contemporary residential farms, with all modern comforts and luxury, but with the authentic character and the surrounding natural landscape as additional bonuses.

This book is a plea for a reassessment of this rich, rural architectural history. Whether it’s a seventeenth-century convent farm, a nineteenth-century long-fronted farmhouse, or the stylistically faithful reproduction of an authentic eighteenth-century farm complex, these unique creations all combine the past and the present, the house and its rural surroundings in a stunning way.

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