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Extreme Photography

Extreme Photography

4.042,73 RSD

autor: Terry Hope
broj stranica: 160
godina izdanja: 2004
vrsta uveza: tvrdi
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:
jezik: engleski

A unique look at the extremes of photographic possibility
Photography is about much more than putting the camera to the eye and pressing the shutter. Sometimes what is being recorded is impossible to approach in a conventional way, for a number of reasons: it’s too small, too large, too far away, too hot, too cold or hidden away somewhere where the eye can’t see. Extreme Photography takes the medium to the limits of possibility and beyond human capability.
Focusing on cutting-edge technology, Extreme Photography is a stunning showcase of what is photographically possible. From the invention of tiny spy cameras, and those that can take photographs of our internal organs, to space photography, x-rays, time-lapse, temperature-resistant and night vision cameras, as well as cameras that can reproduce images of the human aura, this is the definitive guide to alternative image-making.

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