Elements of Spatial Structures: Analysis and Design - 27.839,71 RSD : Stručna knjižara, Stručna literatra na jednome mestu!
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Elements of Spatial Structures: Analysis and Design

Elements of Spatial Structures: Analysis and Design

27.839,71 RSD

autor: M Y H Bangash
broj stranica: 608
godina izdanja: 2003
vrsta uveza: tvrdi
dimenzije knjige (širina i visina):
jezik: engleski

This excellent text highlights all aspects of the analysis and design of elements related to spatial structures, which have been carefully selected from existing structures. Analysing the design of elements of any full scale structure that contains facilities that have already been constructed makes good economic sense and avoids duplication in respect of research and development, the decision-making process and accurate design criteria for new constructed facilities.The text is divided into five sections each reinforced with case studies and classic and finite elements methods with loads and materials clearly explained: Section I: Loads and material properties of spatial structures, Section II: Tall building frames, shear walls and lattice/grid roof structures , Section III: Shell-shaped spatial structures , Section IV: Cable-suspended, glass and fabric, net and tensegritic structures , Section V: Methods of analysis for supporting structures.A large appendix is included which acts as supporting analysis. It includes computer subroutines, seismic and explosion analysis, material cracking and temperature analysis on design related work, and computer programs on bolted and welded joints, collapse of frames and simple analysis of trusses.Many examples and case studies are included for practising engineers in an attempt to bring together ideas, forms, material and technical problems as well as through discussions of analysis and structural behaviour.All engineers designing future spatial structures will benefit from the analysis within this text as these elements can be combined to form new shapes to suit architects, engineers and clients.

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