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Elements of Parametric Design

Elements of Parametric Design

4.961,53 RSD

autor:Robert Woodbury
broj stranica:312
godina izdanja:2010
vrsta uveza:meki
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

Driven by new computer and digital fabrication tools, the architectural designs that are being built are pushing boundaries of form, customization and construction. Pushed by practices wanting and needing to produce novelty, computer-aided design systems are increasingly parametric - that is, they represent designs that change with their input data. Such systems give more control and capability to designers, but require much more comprehensive understanding if they are to be used effectively.
Mastering these ideas requires skill as designer, mathematician and computer scientist. This book teaches what new knowledge and skills designers need to master the parametric and how they can learn and use it. It demonstrates clearly how using patterns to think about and work with parametric modeling helps designers master the new complexity of the design systems.

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