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Digital Night and Low-Light Photography

Digital Night and Low-Light Photography

4.042,73 RSD

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Taking night and low-light photographs has always presented a technical challenge. How do you capture enough light to secure a great picture? How do you judge and control lengthy timed exposures? How and when do you use additional lighting? Here is an area of photography that demands the utmost from the camera, and draws on all the skills of the photographer - yet its very difficultly is one reason why it is so popular, A further reason is simply that it results in stunning images: sunrises and sunsets, the night sky, dramatically lit cityscapes, firework displays and more.

Digital Night and low-Light Photography is an in-depth guide to the techniques a photographer needs to guarantee great pictures in challenging lighting. The book explores the differences in the way film and digital cameras - image previewing, white balance correction and ISO adjustment - can make a difference. And it shows how digital-imaging techniques can be used to rescue a disaster, or perhaps create a masterpiece.

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