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DETAIL Practice: Translucent Materials

DETAIL Practice: Translucent Materials

5.880,34 RSD

autor:Frank Kaltenbach
broj stranica:112
godina izdanja:2004
vrsta uveza:meki
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

The modern guide to diaphanous building materials

Translucent materials offer the architect great design scope for a sensitive handling of light and an exciting interplay of indoor and outdoor space that would not be possible with clear glass. Different moods, evoked in the past with stained-glass windows, thinly cut stone slabs or stretched paper, are created in modern forms through the use of special types of glass, plastic sheets, membranes, perforated metal sheeting, etc.
 Information in compact form, with a comparison of glass, plastic sheeting, membranes and metal products – all in a single volume
 Technical properties: visual screening, protection against glare, thermal and acoustic insulation, fire protection, etc.
 New materials: details of when special approval is required forindividual design solutions
 Information on manufacturers, grouped according to products

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