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Design-Build Planning Through Development

Design-Build Planning Through Development

8.820,50 RSD

autor: Jeffrey L. Beard, Edward C. Wundram
broj stranica: 543
godina izdanja: 2001
vrsta uveza:
dimenzije knjige (širina i visina):
jezik: engleski

Design-Build (D-B) -- the project delivery system in which one firm contracts to provide all of the architectural, engineering, and construction services on a project -- is expected to dominate the market by the year 2005. Studded with illustrative case histories, Design-Build: Planning Through Development, by Jeffrey Beard, Michael Loulakis, Esq., and Edward Wundram, is the first book to cover every legal, technical, and administrative aspect of Design-Build. Whether you’re a design or construction professional or an owner, this authoritative and up-to-date manual gives you the across-the-board, real-world answers you need for timely, glitch-free, and cost-effective projects. You get expert architectural and engineering advice on: Procuring services , Developing RFQs and RFPs , Organizing and managing contracts , Estimating , Allocating risks , Obtaining insurance and bonding , Much more.

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