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Creative Photoshop Portrait Techniques

Creative Photoshop Portrait Techniques

4.594,01 RSD

autor:Duncan Evans, Tim Shelboune
broj stranica:192
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vrsta uveza:meki
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Portrait photography is one of the most popular and enduring genres. But shooting truly great portraits requires an intimate appreciation of light, composition, and mood, and an ability to relate to the subject. Sometimes, if the equipment isn\'t up to scratch, your concept lacks originality, or your subject is resistant to your ideas, even the best-laid plans for an inspirational session can result in mediocrity. That\'s where Creative Photoshop Portrait Techniques comes in. This highly illustrated guide introduces the portrait photographer to Photoshop techniques to recover, restore, rebuild, and invigorate your portraits. With over 65 clearly explained step-by-step tutorials, you\'ll discover how to do everything from correcting and enhancing colours, through creating mixed lighting effects, to producing high-key or low-key styles. There\'s guidance on lens and background effects of grain and texture, and how to recreate classic styles from \'40s Hollywood to the iconic portraits of David Bailey. Whatever your skill level, you\'ll be able to tackle it using Photoshop.

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