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Computer integrated planning and design for construction

Computer integrated planning and design for construction

9.720,93 RSD

autor: David Langford, Arkady Retik
broj stranica: 220
godina izdanja: 2001
vrsta uveza: tvrdi
dimenzije knjige (širina i visina):
jezik: engleski

This book focuses on the intelligent application of advanced information technology tools (such as CAD and KBES) to design and planning in construction.It describes and explains the current applications of computer tools, presents new ideas for their use in design and planning processes, and in particular, concentrates on the preliminary design stage.Computer integrated planning and design for construction aims to demonstrate the implementation of these ideas and uncover the extraordinary opportunities for design improvement as a result.Using clear engineering terminology, this book will be extremely relevant to the work of all participants in the design and construction of buildings, from clients through to facility managers.The book is organised into four sections:Part 1 covers the background of information technology in construction, beginning with an overview of traditional computerised tools and then moving on to examine advanced tools such as communications technologies, advanced visualisation tools and artificial intelligence.Part 2 presents specific applications of IT for construction projects.Particular attention is given to computer applications for planning and scheduling, management of projects, visualisation and concurrent engineering.Part 3 explores the business uses of IT, focusing on how computing may be used to support strategic management in construction firms.Part 4 provides a number of case studies highlighting how IT has shaped business processes in construction firms.A handy glossary of key terms is included for reference.This book will provide readers with an overview of modern computing tools and equip them with the tools for decision making about how IT can be applied to the construction business.

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