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Basics Urban Building Blocks

Basics Urban Building Blocks

2.297,01 RSD

autor:Michael Peterek, Thorsten Burklin
broj stranica:72
godina izdanja:2008
vrsta uveza:meki
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

Cities and neighborhoods are composed of urban building blocks and a knowledge of these elementary components is part of the basic equipment of city planning. Study of these city building blocks represents a first step toward understanding, and successfully developing, the built structure of the city as a physical and social habitat.
This book provides an indispensable guide for urban planning analysis and design. It helps readers understand the form and structure of cities and neighborhoods, their functional conditions, and the differentiation into private and public spheres, as well as the ways they are networked into their surroundings. Basics Urban Building Blocks covers the row, the block, the courtyard (the block in reverse), the passageway, the line, the solitaire, the group, and the \"shed\". It provides an accessible introduction to the larger spatial context of the city.

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