Auer+Weber+Architekten - 10.474,35 RSD : Stručna knjižara, Stručna literatra na jednome mestu!
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10.474,35 RSD

autor:Andrea Kiock
broj stranica:302
godina izdanja:2003
vrsta uveza:
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

Designing, planning and building are not a means of self-realization for the architects Fritz Auer and Carlo Weber. Instead they are services to be rendered responsibly to the users and the general public. Since our spatial and social awareness of the public is inevitably influenced and transformed by the buildings around us, the activity of the architects always includes a public dimension. \"We do not live in a space devoid of history and relationships, but through our work we always see the chance to create and show links between past, present and future, between what exists and what is added, just like a web which would like to continue being spun or a story which would like to continue being written.\" (Fritz Auer)
This monograph offers the first comprehensive overview of the complete work of the office Auer+Weber+Architekten, setting it in the context of their philosophy and design principles.
From 1996–1997 Fritz Auer and Carlo Weber belonged to the Behnisch & Behnisch partnership before going on to form their own firm which now has offices in Munich and Stuttgart. Amongst their most significant projects of recent years are the Ruhrfestspiele theatre in Recklinghausen which was awarded the German Architecture Prize in 2001, the Zeppelin Carre in Stuttgart, and the hotel and information centre at Cerro Paranal in Chile.

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