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Architecture Vienna

Architecture Vienna

4.961,53 RSD

autor:August Sarnitz
broj stranica:592
godina izdanja:2008
vrsta uveza:meki
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:

Vienna architecture guide and encyclopedia
Essays on the city and building history as well as on the current planning debate
Illustrated with photos and plans of the projects by district. Projects can be found easily in detailed maps
August Sarnitz has followed architecture in Vienna for over a decade in his Springer guides. The new guide discusses 700 buildings from all periods built in all styles that can be seen in Vienna.
A focal point is on the more recent building and planning schemes that have given Vienna a new image – also in terms of preservation. Essays by recognized specialists and critics address the controversial debate on city renewal and give the reader a differentiated view of the exemplary collection of buildings featured in the guide to help readers visualize planning relationships.
The lexical quality of the indexes on the chronology of construction and architects, the essays on styles, history and city planning, as well as maps make the new book an essential guide for tourists as well as for all readers interested in architecture.

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