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Architecture Today

Architecture Today

6.615,38 RSD

autor:James Steele
broj stranica:512
godina izdanja:
vrsta uveza:meki
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With the collapse of Modernism in the 1960s, architecture has fragmented and evolved in many different directions, each driven by its own ideologies and theories. This book sets out a clear and comprehensive guide to the prominent styles and movements, tracing the work of the main protagonists of contemporary architecture.Architecture Today is divided thematically into sixteen chapters, offering an incisive critique of the predominant trends, stylistic and regional, of the last twenty-five years. These include the Los Angeles Avant-Garde and Experimentation in Japan, as well as the stylistic upheavals of Post-Modernism and Deconstructivism and the global development of Ecological Architecture and the Contemporary Vernacular. Biographies of the architects featured are also included in the book.Free from the jargon that often characterizes architectural criticism, Architecture Today is essential reading for all those interested in architecture, the visual arts and modern culture.

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