A Beginner\'s Guide to Digital Video - 4.042,73 RSD : Stručna knjižara, Stručna literatra na jednome mestu!
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A Beginner\'s Guide to Digital Video

A Beginner\'s Guide to Digital Video

4.042,73 RSD

autor:Paul Wells
broj stranica:144
godina izdanja:
vrsta uveza:meki
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Video production for both amateurs and professionals was turned on its head in 1995 with the introduction of digital video to the marketplace. Today, prices have fallen and video editing solutions have matured to a point where anyone with a camcorder and desktop computer can create polished, high-quality movies. This book lifts the lid on DV technology’s potential, demystifying the jargon and commercial hype, with its sights firmly fixed on the actual task of making a movie. Guiding the reader from initial concept to final production the book examines the processes of Shoot, Edit and Enjoy. A full guide to available camcorders and editing systems is provided, leading the reader from the fundamental processes of storytelling to the flamboyant world of special-effects.

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