500 Digital SLR Hints, Tips, and Techniques - 2.572,65 RSD : Stručna knjižara, Stručna literatra na jednome mestu!
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500 Digital SLR Hints, Tips, and Techniques

500 Digital SLR Hints, Tips, and Techniques

2.572,65 RSD

autor: Chris Weston
broj stranica: 128
godina izdanja: 2006
vrsta uveza: meki
dimenzije knjige širina i visina:
jezik: engleski

Get the most from your Digital SLR
This book is the definitive companion for any photographer wishing to maximise their creative potential through their digital SLR.
It provides an accessible, colourful blend of step-by-step tutorials, making it the perfect antidote to boring technical manuals. Everything you need to know is presented in bite-sized chunks and illuminating illustrations. This invaluable guide covers everything from the digital workflow to more advanced manipulation techniques, filters, special effects and output options, putting the whole world of digital SLR photography easily within everyone’s grasp.
A comprehensive bible of the digital SLR, 500 Digital SLR Photograph Hints, Tips, and Techniques enables the reader to achieve image quality and professional results, making it the perfect companion for any aspiring digital SLR enthusiast.

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