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2G Books: José Antonio Coderch. Houses

2G Books: José Antonio Coderch. Houses

5.788,46 RSD

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José Antonio Coderch de Sentmenat was born in 1913 and died en Barcelona in 1984. These years delimit his life and work. But the great internal coherence of his thinking, distilled within his architecture, goes beyond these temporal limits, his own idiosyncrasy and the reduced geographical framework where it developed, to provide a reflection on architecture from an ethical standpoint. Although, recognised as the most important catalan architect after World War II, this implicit depth is perhaps one of the reasons his work has not been widely disseminated.

This new edition in hardcover book format of 2G issue devoted to José Antonio Coderch presents a collection of houses constructed by the Catalan architect. It includes 11 houses, starting with the Ugalde House, the great work that marks the initiation of his mature phase. In it, not only does Coderch definitely embrace the language of modern architecture, nuanced by his respect for context, but also hones his own spatial conception of the house in nature. It is the experimental

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